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Research surveys done by the National Association of Drug Court Professionals NADCP have shown that merely 16 percent of the graduates had re-arrests as compared to 46 percent re-arrests of those who did not participate or got convicted through the traditional court mechanism NADCP, In relation to treatment expenses, these courts have proved to be highly cost effective as they help reduce the costs per individual. A detailed analysis of the roles played by drug court judges reveals that these duties may not be undertaken by others in the justice system because they have specialized trainings that facilitate their effective delivery in courts and community programs.

According to the NADCP, they carry out specialized researches, trainings of its practitioners and dissemination of important drugs that may not be offered by the other justice personnel NADCP, These judges strive to maintain criminal balance between power, regulation and support and encouragement. Psychiatrist - specializes in addiction treatment as well as MH issues. Over a dozen NA meetings with, literately, hundreds of peers Dialectical Behavior Therapy counseling and group therapy. This is very helpful to me. I have chronically missed appointments for years prior to DTC.

I have 3 two-hour group therapy sessions a week phase one , which gradually becomes 1 one-hour treatment a month, as I pass through the phases by complying with all rules. I am currently in phase two 2 one hour sessions per week. I asked for DTC to ensure I had this safeguard.

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I meet with my PO twice a month once in her office and once in my home. I attend 3 NA meetings a week mandatory. I attend weekly DBT group and individual therapy. I attend 2 Court Sessions per month.

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This has become my favorite part. When the DTC Director reads our review and announces clean drug screens the entire courtroom - including the Judge - claps for us. Graduation from DTC is held during Court and involves speeches by numerous officials, gifts and handshakes from all our peers.

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Comments Allison Strong Sat, Jslrn Fri, Your name. Comments Only Please. It also earned them the chance to have felony charges dismissed or significantly reduced. The path to graduation is not easy. Once accepted into the program, participants come to court weekly and are required to keep in close touch with two coordinators. A multi-disciplinary team reviews their case prior to each appearance.

Drug Courts & Treatment Alternatives to Incarceration

They also meet with a probation officer and submit to scheduled and random drug or alcohol testing. There is also participation in court-prescribed treatment and support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous, often several times a week. Repeated violations of the program rules, which are spelled out in agreements customized for each participant, can result in expulsion and a prison sentence. The graduation session began on a somber note when Reitz announced that a seventh graduate who was supposed to appear had been taken to a hospital earlier that day, possibly because of a relapse.

Charges had been held in abeyance while they completed the drug court program.

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Cathryn, Michael and Austin, who faced felony charges for driving while intoxicated DWI , had their charges dismissed. Susan, facing the same charge, saw her sentence reduced to a misdemeanor with three years of probation. As Reitz issued each sentence, the courtroom burst into applause and cheers.

WEB EXTRA: Hear from a Felony Drug Court graduate about the program