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Yes this is the future. I learnt that we have an extremely thick layer of socio-cultural conditioning over us. Traveling for long periods of time and seeing different cultures lets you cross through all these societies, and realize that people do things different. It lets you question your own socio-cultural conditioning and start thinking more for yourself. Check out my travel map too!

But living in beautiful places is helpful when in a funk. The beach is a short motorbike away through the jungle.

Pretty good funk breaker. He hit the nail on the head. Looks like you have a bunch of interesting projects to talk about. A lot of the depression that comes from this life also has to do with the entire lack of community. Stuff like this forum and the chat helps me, and just meeting more people that do this too helps. This makes me feel like I can do it that way too. I think every society has role models that people strive to be, and they have a function.

We need more of that for people to feel more certain about doing this I think.

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My life has always been predictable, planned and organized, especially whenever it comes to travel. Having travelled for a couple of weeks nothing compared to you guys! Looking forward to plans for next year. Everyone I know has been there. While my recent Europe trip was like, save up and plan vaguely for 10 years kinda pipe dream.

Loved the cool weather, came back to Singapore and the tropical weather is a little depressing. Next thing I probably need to do is to actually see actual snow. Beaches are awfully boring to me because I live right next to one! Literally a couple of streets away, I could walk there. I think reaching Iceland is my near goal.

Most memorable are people I meet. Such a big spectrum of different people with comparison to people in my small country. Hi all. I have been eating my way around the world since , when I quit after 5 years of practicing law in NYC. I share longform narrative on my site, Legal Nomads.

I also do a bit of freelance writing. So much has been memorable but a few bigger items stand out.

The fact that travel helps you keep life in perspective by constantly reminding you of your privilege, and of what you have yet to learn. In terms of places, I started my travels in South America, and spent quite a bit of time in Siberia and Mongolia before hitting Asia via the trains, but once I made it to Thailand and Vietnam, I felt quite at home. Like many others, I chase summer, but I do so for the food more than anything else. What I love about the DN community is the willingness to sit down and have interesting conversations that span business, politics, culture and more within minutes of meeting someone new in a totally different field of work.

Hey folks! I quit my job to publish a book called Working Jobs , launch a podcast, and learn to develop well enough to do a six startups in a year type thing inspired by levels. In the meantime, I anticipate a lot of shorter working trips abroad. I specifically set up my life after my graduation in May to have the most flexibility. Unlike many of you maybe, I was hesitant to go full-on nomad. Hey there! I have graduated from a modest engineering school in computer sciences a few months ago. I am currently employed under short term contract at the place I previously completed my last internship.

My ultimate goal is to break away from employment towards entrepreneurship or full-time freelancing so I can become a DN at some point.

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So let me thank you in advance for that! Hi, everyone! Having an office job was never an option for me, so when I started looking for a job I was extremely picky.

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I finally found a job as a video editor where I could choose how many days a week and how many hours I wanted to work. It was ok, but still not enough for me. Anyway, long story short, I started doing some research and doing tutorials on 3D modeling and animation. After a couple of years working on TV commercials and architectural projects I discovered Odesk and Elance. My plan is to travel with my girlfriend for a couple of months in India and Nepal, then head to Chiang Mai, well, you know how it goes from there.

I however hate the idea of saving up then going on holiday for a set time…. Hi everyone! My wife and I love Paris. I love Asia as well! Phuket is nice.

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Seoul is a favorite. How to present myself or yourself in your class, with your friends or in job interview. These are all the types of questions that matter the most.

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You are what you think of you. You personality is the mirror of yourself.

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Understanding, learning, describing or writing about myself, yourself is somewhat a tricky yet essential part of our life. The self is important right from our birth to the last breath of life. You learn about yourself in your family, with friends, in school, college, university, during job or in practical life. Speaking from the literary point of view, myself in English has different situation specific meaning in English grammar.

I myself availed the chance. I myself purchased a new car. I thought to myself, it was the right decision to take. I myself have called her to meet me. It is me myself who talks about animal rights.

Me myself and my friend waited long. Typically myself is the part of reflexive pronoun. That itself belongs to pronoun.