Short essay on importance of news paper

The Benefits of Reading Newspapers

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Importance of Newspaper Essay for Students and Children

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Value of newspaper

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Now we have a huge number of newspapers in Bangladesh Types of Newspaper: There are many kinds of newspapers that come out daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, six-monthly and yearly. The daily newspapers provide us with news about current affairs and present importance. Importance of Newspaper: The importance of the newspaper is very great.

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It is a very important source of news and entertainment. It tells us what is going on at home and abroad. A newspaper also plays an important role in creating public opinion. Nowadays newspapers are used to organize people against abuses, tyranny, and malpractice. Demerits: Sometimes newspapers mislead people by publishing false and fabricated reports and news. Such things are done for achieving party interest and can do a lot of harm to society. Conclusion: There is no doubt that the newspaper is an indispensable part of modern civilization. The duties and responsibilities of newspapers are immense.

So newspapers should remain vigilant to avoid Gent yellow journalism and publish only true news and articles conducive to the public interest. Life has become so complex in the modern society of accelerated change that one can hardly keep up with the advance of science commerce and, as a whole the society, without keeping oneself informed.

And, undoubtedly, newspapers are the main source of information to the modern man. There was a time when the reading of newspapers was regarded by many as a sign of up-to-dateness, importance, and fashion. Then very few people used to read newspapers. And those who used to read them were mainly educated, rich, or otherwise important persons of the society. But time has changed awfully.

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Nowadays almost everyone, rich and poor, high and low, highly educated and marginally literate, has to fall back upon newspapers for various types of essential information. Keep informed, or remain backwards—this is the command of the day. So, who will want to get lost in the dark cavern of ignorance?

For example, a businessman must know the business, economic, and market environment of every day to run his business properly. Information regarding the sources and prices of raw materials, availability of labor ad capitals or loans, prices of the products manufactured or marketed, weather condition etc must be known by the businessman for planning controlling and all types of decision-making. And such information, as we all know, comes to us mainly from newspapers.

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Politicians, like the businessmen, depend much on newspapers for information. Likewise, people of all professions and trades have to depend on newspapers for various types of information essential to them. Indeed, civilization would make no sense if we did not maintain it and keep it on the go upwards. But we must go ahead. And this inevitably necessitates us to continuously scan the environment to identify our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, But can it ever be possible for us to do that without being informed?

Certainly not. And hence the necessity of reading newspapers.

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The reading of newspapers gives us not only knowledge and information but also the pleasure. It publishes jokes, stories, novels, and other humorous writings which entertain us and nourish our imagination and thoughts. All good newspapers contain features for people of all ages.

Newspaper – Short Essay 2.

The reading of newspapers is beneficial to students. It helps them to become aware of the economic, political, and socio-cultural affairs of both the country and the world. It equips them up as good citizens for the future. That is why children should be encouraged to read newspapers.

The reading of newspapers has become a routine activity of daily life. It has become a habit with many people. Some people, however, are seen to be addicted to it.