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Jackson had a lot of supports most of them being farmers. Jackson claimed to want more land for plantation and also wanted to aid hard working farmers, planters and equality for all white males His father died in a tragic accident shortly before he was born. The discrepancy of Jackson 's true location of birth arises from differing statements.

In , Jackson stated that he was born at an uncle 's house in South Carolina, while other accounts place his birth at another uncle 's house in North Carolina He represented the South and the Western frontier expansionism. He was a strong military leader, a superior Court judge, and an Indian fighter. Jackson represented the common man. Andrew Jackson was born on March 15, , in a log cabin on a poor farm His father died before he was born, and he was forced to grow up fast 1. His mother wanted him to become a Presbyterian minister, so he read three chapters of scripture daily and was sent to study under a Presbyterian minister Although many of these events were impactive in the shaping of our country, Jackson did more to expand executive power than any of the previous occupants of the White House.

He used armed troops to collect taxes, refused to enforce legislation and Supreme Court legislation, and he hired and fired his staff based on support in elections. He was also the first president to regularly wield the presidential veto as a political tool Better Essays words 2 pages Preview.

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His victories in Florida directly lead to the acquisition of Florida as a state Strong Essays words 3. His following known as the Jacksonian Democrats, gained large popularity in the s; with his growing support, Jackson won the election therefore securing political power for the Jacksonian Democrats. The Jacksonian Democrats were also guardians of the American ideal of political democracy; they took efforts to provide equal power in politics for a larger population of Americans Strong Essays words At least that 's what the federal notes in my wallet and the annual Jefferson-Jackson fundraiser for the Democratic Party tell me.

My high school history textbook catechized me on an "Age of Jackson" and the bold inauguration of "Jacksonian democracy.

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Jackson grew up in log-cabin Carolinian poverty, became an orphan during the Revolutionary War, and then rose into a kind of frontier aristocracy, making his fortune in Tennessee at the turn of the century Even though America was under developed compared to the previous motherland of Great Britain it always had the potential to exceed the many limits set upon by others.

For example, Andrew Jackson, also known as the man of the people, was raised by a single mother who struggled to raise two other children and struggled with economic hardships He had different views and ideas about how the government and the country should be run. Some might say that his ideas were little more radical than what the people were accustomed to in the 19th century.

Many people could consider him being a king while others might think he was taking his executive powers a little too far. President Jackson could be viewed somewhat innovative, but good president Jackson was the third child and third son of Scots-Irish parents. His father, also named Andrew, died as the result of a logging accident just a few weeks before the future president was born.

The Era of Andrew Jackson

Jackson's mother, Elizabeth "Betty" Hutchison Jackson, was by all accounts a strong, independent woman Free Essays words 4. He was not a very wealthy man, he owned a home and some land. Which was more than could be said about most Americans at the time. About ten percent of the Americans living there at that time owned enough land to vote. There was a law, stating that only white males with a good portion of land could vote in the presidential election.

Andrew Jackson thought this system was so unfair, he created a new way to govern the citizens of the newly formed United States Good Essays words 1. The vagueness of the Constitution has allowed the power of the office to grow and shrink with the personal differences of the men who have held the position. The presidency is not just affected by those who hold the position, the institutional environment and the society of the time also take a massive role in determining the power and effectiveness of the presidency One of the most legendary and memorable elections was in the year eighteen twenty-eight, between Andrew Jackson and John Quincy Adams.

The election itself and the presidency that followed, won by Andrew Jackson, will forever be stained into our history. Lots of factors contributed into making this election so historic Nevertheless, it is safe to say that all presidents make a difference in their term at some point, adequate or not. The real question is, do these differences form an effective or ineffective president.

Thus, throughout his presidency, Andrew Jackson was an ineffective president due to his ambition, judgement, and character Nevertheless, it is safe to say that all presidents make a difference in their term at some point, good or inadequate. The real question is that if these differences form an effective or ineffective president.

Throughout his presidency, Andrew Jackson was an ineffective president due to his ambition, judgement, and character This one event was the fuel Jackson used for his reconstruction of the U. It all started to unravel during his election of Several different "sects" within the different states were teaming up with one another to form a coalition of discontent for the President and his reconstruction.

Like Thomas Jefferson before him, Andrew Jackson was a tried-and-true defender of American freedom committed to nothing so much as breaking the knot of political corruption and restoring integrity to republican institution Good Essays words 3. It is estimated that two to six thousand Native Americans lost their lives in the move.

Most of the Natives were moved to Oklahoma and parts of other states. The Trail of Tears could be considered an American tragedy or a mass genocide of thousands of innocent people Andrew Jackson accomplished a great number of things during his life but some of his actions were quite questionable. Looking from the present to the past gives insight into areas where the events can be examined more objectively. However, it is vital when examining past events to keep in mind the mindsets of the past.

People had a different point of view and a different perspective than the current one Term Papers words 6. In his plight to rid the country of corruption he not only transformed the American system, but he also motivated others to reform society. However, history has remembered the popular things he did but ignored the horrific deeds he committed. There were many negative and positive things we can say about him. Even though Jackson was an orphanage when he was young, he was one of our "self-made man" and one the first westerner to reach the White House. He might even abused his powers as President.

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He is a democratic symbol, the founder of the Democratic Party and was the country's most admirable political leader. During Jackson's two-term presidency, he transformed the President's role from chief administrator to popular tribune and expanded the executive powers Better Essays words 1. S house of representative from Tennessee. The next year, in , Andrew Jackson was elected to have a chair in the senate, but then he resigned after eight moths later. In , was also elected to be a judge of the Tennessee supreme court, and was only in that position for six years.

He had grown cotton, and had an abundant amount of slaves, and then he became planting elite However, Andrew Jackson was quite the contrary, he was exalted amongst the people for being the new era of democracy: instilling a political revolution, the protection of the American people, and social equality among the masses. Therefore, Andrew Jackson was a precedent of democratic rule in the United States. Andrew Jackson had many significant contributions to the democratic state of the country This showed how Jackson believed he did not need anyone telling him what to do and only followers of him could work with him.

The Indian Removal Act was one of the most famous events to happen during Jackson presidency. The Indian Removal Act was the relocation of over 40, to the Oklahoma region Even though they both were in two different eras, they shaped the American government and the way people think about it. They both have similarities, but they do have differences as well that includes political rights, religious rights and even economic rights.

The Jacksonian democracy and Jeffersonian democracy compared and contrasted to each other. Andrew Jackson and Thomas Jefferson were both democrats, which meant that they believe people should be able to have control over their own government With Jackson up for reelection in , Nicholas Biddle asked Congress for a recharter on the national bank, despite it being nearly four years until it was set to expire its charter. By doing this, Biddle hoped to make the banking issue a major topic of the election, in the hopes of Jackson having to support the bank with re election looming ahead.

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Biddle thought that Jackson would not dare to anger the northern business class before the election, but his strategy failed horribly for Biddle Research Papers words 8. His election was set apart from those who were elected before him. He was the first president who was elected by the popular vote of the common man. When I say man, it only includes white males because women and slaves still did not have the right to vote, but I digress. When Andrew Jackson was elected president the democratization of politics had allowed all men to vote without the stipulation of owning land that had limited voters in previous elections Throughout his two terms of presidency, he was very influential.

First of all, Andrew Jackson had always wanted the Indian tribes that continued to live in the eastern states and territories of the United States to move west, beyond the Mississippi, and out of the way of the expanding white settlement. This viewpoint was shared by many white westerners because they feared that endless conflict and violence would continue without their removal Andrew Jackson exemplified these founding principles.

This man insightfully closed a corrupt bank, preventing a possible financial meltdown in the world economy. He espoused the principle of federal law ascendancy and upheld nationalism by sending troops to prevent a civil war. Lastly, he did what was best for both settlers and Native Americans by issuing the Indian Removal Act. Demonstrating unparalleled foresight and dexterity, Andrew Jackson did what was necessary to move the country forward, thus making him one of the greatest presidents of the United States He fought in the Revolutionary War, studied law, and in moved to Nashville, Tennessee.

While he was in Nashville, he served as a judge, congressman, prosecutor, and senator. Jackson ran for the office of the President in the election of According to biographer Donald B. Where Jackson was born was on the western frontier of the Carolinas which was in dispute between North Carolina and South Carolina, and both states claimed him as being native born.

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  • He claimed that he was from South Carolina and had plenty of evidence to back up his claim. In Jackson had been elected Major General of the Tennessee militia. This led to a command in the field and ultimately a heroes role during the War of He was a lawyer, born in Philadelphia to a well-known family, at a very young age enrolled in the University of Pennsylvania and graduated later from Princeton; he was 15 and the valedictorian of his class, when Andrew Jackson claimed to be the defender of the common man and some of his actions and policies proved that he was a guardian of individual rights After the American Revolutionary War, Jackson found himself as an orphan.

    After studying law in North Carolina, Jackson was admitted to the bar in and practiced until he became solicitor for present day Tennessee Marks, a Spanish fort, where the Americans executed two civilians—Alexander Arbuthnot and Hillis Haya—whom Jackson considered to be Indian sympathizers. Jackson next moved on to Bowlegs Town where the U. Upon hearing that there were hostile Seminoles in Pensacola, the future president marched his army miles west and the Americans were able to occupy Pensacola without resistance Term Papers words 4.

    Many of you allege that President Jackson should be impeached for expanding the powers of presidency and for his actions regarding the national bank, spoils system, the forced removal of Native Americans, and the nullification crisis.

    The truth, however, is that our president has acted only while keeping the interests of this great nation in mind. He has fought for the common man, and though he has made mistakes and crossed certain boundaries, as almost all presidents do, he has only done so while trying to help our country grow and prosper Jackson's mother emigrated across the Appalachian Mountains after burying her husband Powerful Essays words 4.

    While President Jackson was one of the most influential presidents in history he remains one of the most controversial. Honoring Jackson by putting his face on the 20 dollar bill in was an absolute mistake for the country.

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    Jackson does not deserve his existing place on the 20 dollar bill. He is a controversial man who greatly impacted our country both during his presidency and long term. His actions may have been questioned at the time, as some still are today, but his strong-willed chauvinism in democracy is just what our country needed to hold itself together.

    Jackson did not have a typical family setting growing up. His father passed away before his birth, leaving his mother the single parent of three young boys Term Papers words 5.

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    However Jackson was a plantation owner from the west who had no connections with the government. He also had different views from other presidents that made his presidency unique. Over time the perception of Jackson and his demeanor has been changed. In modern times, Jackson has become a more unsavoury figure; namely due to his reputation for displacing Native American tribes and repurposing their land for American settlements and communities His ideas created the Democratic Party.

    His creation of the Democratic Party escalated tensions in Washington D. These actions led to the creation of an opposing second party. His extreme policies and loose interpretation of the US Constitution affected expansion, commerce, and politics of the nation domestically as well as in the international arena Imagine the fury and the sadness that would be running through your veins. If you need cheap, quick and professional writing, I definitely recommend Homeworkfor.

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