Gwu trda honors thesis

Gwu trda honors thesis

Independent Study. Phone: Fax: econgrad gwu. GW logo. Sweet Briar College. Endorse Mutually Assured Restraint Position Paper The…However, we have come together to reject the thesis that history dictates that when one. To endorse, send us an email at icps email.

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Gwu Trda Honors Thesis — Posted in: Vor der Scheidung. November um The proposed major must have valid and clearly defined academic goals to be considered for approval. Only students with a 3. The proposal must be submitted for approval by the end of the fourth semester or the semester following completion of 45 credit hours, whichever comes first. At least 45 credit hours of the major must be completed in Columbian College. Because of the broad scope of an interdisciplinary program, it may not be part of a double major although students are allowed to declare a minor with approval of the Committee on Undergraduate Studies.

At the discretion of the committee overseeing the major, the student must either write an acceptable senior thesis or pass a comprehensive examination in the last semester of study toward the degree.

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To be eligible, students must meet the requirements for Special Honors stated under University Regulations, must have a cumulative grade-point average of at least 3. Not all Columbian College departments offer undergraduate minors; the requirements prescribed by those that do are listed under the department concerned.

A student interested in a minor should consult a faculty advisor in the applicable department and declare both major and minor programs through the Office of Undergraduate Studies. Refer to Courses Outside Columbian College. General Requirements Minimum credit requirements follow, but it should be noted that many departments set credit requirements well above the number of credits stated here. Specific requirements appear under the name of the department or program concerned in the bulletin. Some departments offer a choice between a thesis option and a nonthesis option.


Undergraduate courses taken without additional graduate-level work, deficiency coursework, and EAP courses are not counted toward program requirements or the degree GPA. Upon approval, up to one-half of the required graduate work may be taken in courses offered by another degree-granting division of this University. An approved leave of absence is not counted towards the time limit requirement. Students must apply, and be approved for an extension of time if they wish to study beyond the time limit. Transfer of Credit A maximum of one-quarter of the credit hours of graduate course work required for a degree may be approved for transfer to a graduate program in Columbian College from enrollment in non-degree status at GW or from another degree-granting school of this University or another accredited college or university.

For a transfer of credit to be approved, all of the following conditions must be met: and training and to furnish objective evidence of constructive powers in a chosen field. The student normally registers for 6 credit hours of thesis research supervised by a director and a reader. Registration for thesis research entitles the student to the advice and direction of the member of the faculty under whom the thesis is to be written.

The thesis subject must be approved by the faculty members who will direct the thesis.

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An official transcript of the course work must be on file before the request can be considered. Grades from transfer credit are not part of the graduate GPA, except in the case of approved nondegree GW credits. Once enrolled in Columbian College of Arts and Sciences, students are not permitted to transfer course work taken outside the University, except under extraordinary circumstances; permission must be sought from the department and Associate Dean in advance.

Examinations are held on dates fixed by the departments. The nature and form of the examination are the responsibility of the department or program.

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During precandidacy, a student completes the general requirements and the General Examination. Once admitted to candidacy, the student prepares, submits, and defends the dissertation. General Requirements The programs leading to the degree of Doctor of Philosophy require the satisfactory completion of a minimum of 72 credit hours of approved graduate course work, including at least 12 and at most 24 hours of dissertation research.

A minimum of 48 of these hours must be taken in the precandidacy stage, in preparation for the General Examination. A maximum of 12 of these hours may be taken in courses offered by the other affiliated members of the Consortium of Washington Area Universities. The exact number of credit hours required for any part of the total program is assigned by each department and may exceed the minimum required by the Columbian College. Grades from transfer credit will not be counted towards the graduate degree GPA, except in the case of approved non-degree GW credits.

A student who fails to pass any part of the General Examination may, with the approval of the department, repeat the examination at the next scheduled examination date. Satisfactory performance on the General Examination is required for admission to candidacy but does not guarantee it. The Degree of Master of Philosophy Upon departmental recommendation and approval of the dean, the degree of Master of Philosophy may be awarded to students who have been advanced to candidacy and successfully completed all requirements for the Doctor of Philosophy degree up to and including the General Examination.

Not all departments recommend students for this degree.

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Students requesting the M. The degree is not automatically conferred upon advancing to candidacy. The student normally enrolls for 12 to 24 hours of dissertation research after admission to candidacy. Dissertation Research must be taken in units of no less than 3 credits per semester. When the dissertation has been approved by the director and the members of the Dissertation Research Committee, the candidate takes the Final Examination the defense.

A committee of examiners composed of Columbian College faculty and outside scholars conducts the examination.

Theatre and Dance (TRDA)

If the candidate passes, he or she is recommended to Columbian College for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy. The dissertation must be submitted electronically by the stated 1. The requirements that must be fulfilled for both degrees are identical to those currently and separately established in the School of Medicine and Health Sciences and Columbian College of Arts and Sciences. A student working toward these degrees may apply a maximum of 24 credit hours of approved course work in the School of Medicine and Health Sciences toward the Doctor of Philosophy degree. The estimated time for the completion of this dual program is six years.

In order to enter the dual degree program, a prospective student must apply for and gain admission both to Columbian College and to the School of Medicine and Health Sciences separately through established procedures. Upon admission to both schools, the student may then apply for affiliation with the dual degree program.

A maximum of 12 credit hours may be taken in courses offered by the other affiliated members of the Consortium of Universities. Doctor of Psychology students have an overall five-year time limit for completion of all degree requirements. Transfer of Credit Provisions are the same as those of the Doctor of Philosophy Program, above, except that up to 30 credits may be transferred into the program. The General Examination Each student is required to complete the General Examination no later than the beginning of the final semester of the program.

A student who fails to pass any part of the General Examination may, in exceptional circumstances, and with the approval of the program, repeat the examination at the next scheduled examination date. The degree is not automatically conferred after completion of 53 credits. Departments and programs offering graduate certificates are indicated in italics below. If the certificate is conferred by another school, students must secure permission from both schools and apply and be admitted to both schools.

The Columbian College of Arts and Sciences requires all certificate candidates, both full-time and part-time, to complete all academic requirements within a maximum of three calendar years from admission. Grades from transfer credit are not part of the graduate GPA. Related documents. Girl Code Bulletin Board. This template - Academic Planning and Assessment.

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