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In the BP Oil Spill, more than million gallons of oil was spilled into the Gulf of Mexico for a total of eightyseven days, making it the biggest oil spill in United States history. The spill killed hundreds of animal, plant life and destroyed the environment. Powering cars, heating homes, and providing electricity are just a few examples of how we use oil fuels in our daily life. Where would we be if we woke up tomorrow and couldn't fly because there was no fuel, or products containing plastic were taken off the market?

Oil is the number one source of energy in the U. However, the U. The Arctic Refuge has long been recognized as an unparalleled place of natural beauty and ecological importance. The Arctic Refuge was established to conserve. Early inventions like the kerosene lamp provided a new stable home necessity to live by, increasing the demand for crude oil. This would. Abstract The Arctic oil drilling industry provides promising aspects in terms of economic gains and energy independence. The large-scale human activities from the industry is causing environmental damage in the area, while the carbon emission and increase of soil acidity from the infrastructures in order to sustain the industry also lead to air and soil pollutions in the area that cause.

Introduction Oil, also known as Black Gold, is the world's prime energy source. It is used in everything from internal combustion engines, machinery installed in factories, in power generators that provide backup power during a blackout, etc to almost about any mechanical device.

As a result, it is always in demand and because of this high demand, the commodity trades very well at high prices especially when supply is low. About ten years ago, oil prices were at their most brilliant, almost USD.

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Without it, people cannot travel, be able to use fuel oils for electricity and heating, there would not be asphalt roads, and also there would not be chemicals used to make plastics, or other synthetic materials that humans use every day. Oil is a useful resource but the ways that are used to obtain it are not very appealing.

One way it is obtained is by offshore drilling. According to an article on. Horizon oil rig that led to the tragic end to the lives of eleven men and critically injured seventeen.

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Though there were countless efforts made to clean the oil out of the water, the environment and even the people in the surrounded areas are still being greatly affected by the spill both financially. The Deepwater horizon rig, owned by Transocean, an offshore-oil-drilling company that was leased by the BP oil company. From skin care products to the gasoline in our cars and engines, petroleum is the basis of almost everything we use for everyday life.

Without oil the nation could not meet the energy demands we need to survive.

Onshore and Offshore Oil Drilling (Analysis Essay Sample)

Continued exploration has been the topic of heated debate among supporters and opponents, especially when it comes to offshore drilling. My goal here is to show the differing view points of drilling for oil in the Gulf. Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Drilling for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, commonly referred to as ANWR has been the source of media and political controversy for the last twenty years and has only increased in recent years. President Eisenhower reserved this land in to preserve and protect the native and diverse plants and wildlife. When oil was discovered in the Prudhoe Bay a determined group consisting of large oil corporations, politicians and locals insisted that exploration.

Oil is a very important fossil fuel that is used for various sources of energy.

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Oil supplies power to industries, fuel for transportation, heat for buildings, and provides raw material for plastics, paints, textiles, and other materials hybrid cars. To access this fossil fuel, oil drilling is used. Land-based oil drilling became less productive and as the global stipulation for energy increased, technology, law, and geology impacts stepped in and pushed the exploration of oil away from shores CITE. These oil spills that are caused by offshore drilling affect the environment in the long run.

Drilling in the arctic national wildlife refuge essay

Even some of these impacts on the environment by oil spills last for decades Larry West. For example when an oil slick arrives at the beach from a huge oil spill then it sticks to each. Oil Drilling Jasmine A. Richardson Freshman Seminar Friday Throughout the years the government has spent millions of dollars on oil drilling.

But what is the actual purpose of oil drilling? Is it necessary? Are we spending too much money on this one project or is it useful in the end? These questions have been debated so much over and over again.

Prohibit offshore drilling until oil companies do some disaster control essay sample

But the question is am I for or against oil drilling? Oil drilling takes up too much time and money for one simple purpose. It takes. However this place is very Fragile and we, as American citizens should not let such thing happen. Drilling for oil in the Artic is just going harm the environment. Oil and gas drilling seems to be a dirty business.

The First thing we tend to observe is the disruption of wildlife migration routes. The Arctic Refuge. The industry fuels its key buyers, the Natural Gas Distribution and the Petroleum Refining industries, with crude oil and natural gas.

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  • The industry continuously battles a shortage of available oil. In addition, many major oil fields have been in use for decades, slowly. Drilling of the oil is a costly process and has severe effects to the environment. Drilling on land requires a lot. Without oil, many of the common day occurrences we take for granted would be impossible.

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    Oil is used for almost everything; from the fuel used to drive our vehicles, to the plastics used in every facet of life, and providing the heat needed to live. Should the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge be opened to oil drilling? This paper will debate whether or not we should allow Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to be opened to oil drilling. This will also show the impact it has on the environment, and I will show a critical analysis of the current issue of whether or not to drill. History Arctic National. It is home to many animals such as polar bears, wolves, and grizzly bears, caribou herds, snow geese, musk oxen, and dozens of other species.

    If your oil companies keep drilling in the Arctic, most of these beautiful creatures will die, and some will become extinct. The Coastal Plain is home to these animals. Annually, a herd of , caribou gather on the Coastal Plain to bear and nurse their young. Polar bears. Oil is a natural resource obtained by drilling underground. It is used in a variety of ways in our daily lives; heating our homes, running automobiles, and being used as the topic of a college report. It has multiple roles in our daily lives being involved in heating our homes, running automobiles and providing a topic for college students to write a report on.