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Those who perform well in the competition are selected and prizes are given to the students who come in the first three positions, in those competitions. Many cultural programs are also conducted and this occasion is recognized as a grand fiesta each year. Even teachers participate in many programs and competitions.

Schools and colleges arrange for lunch and distribute sweets to their students. During this day, students can wear any costume as they wish and it is considered as the most precious time for the students during their school days. Many children all over the world are forced into drug business, armed conflicts and in many illegal businesses. In the year , International labour organization declared the Prohibition and Elimination of Worst forms of Child Labour.

We have to create an awareness among our children on the difficulties many children go through like Living on the streets, Poverty, Hunger, etc. By creating an awareness, the future generation will definitely find a way to stop these kind of activities forced against children.

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Hence this day is celebrated on the birthday of Chacha Nehru so It has its own importance. He was famous for his children love.

He always used to participates in the functions related to children. Children day is an important day for children, They go to school dressed themselves and remembering their Chacha Nehru they offer him flowers. Children are very happy and excited this day. There are given message to the people through these events.

Children are the future of our country, today we need to do something for them. They will be as educated as a good man. Our country will be great and grow.

We shall have to make high their living standerds, and have to bring improvement in their health and education. We shall have to provide them a platform to make them heroic, courageous, patienceful, as well as bold. This is the message of children day for every society and parent.

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Social needs like child labour today need to be eliminated. Child labour is a hindrance to improving the quality of life of children.

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The lives of thousands of children have been darkened by this scourge, children who are given education and health should get work done. On the occasion of Children's Day, the Central and State Governments announce many schemes for the children.

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Every parent puts all the deposits of their life to create the future of their children, so that they are never sad and frustrated in life. This uncle was Nehru's dream of India, where he wanted to see every child here as a modern citizen of India.

We should inspire our children to become like this. Children Day. Essay 3.

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