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A forest A beach Your favorite food Playing a sports game A road trip Learning to drive A snowy day The birth of a child A life-changing event The future Traveling Your favorite song Your earliest memory Living in another country A major achievement A spider A beautiful house Walking down a quiet street Revisiting places from childhood What you want to be when you grow up A hobby A funny memory A paranormal experience Starting a new career A Halloween costume A day at school Sitting in traffic Meeting a famous person A concert A dance The best place to write Your favorite hangout spot Your favorite item of clothing Graduation Learning a new language Your first concert Your first kiss Your first date Performing in front of a crowd Making a speech Acting in a play An antique store A souvenir Your lucky charm Running a marathon.

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Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. A descriptive essay is a writing that is intended to provide a vivid experience to the readers. A vivid experience is one that appeals to all 5 senses of the human body. Try to understand your role as a descriptive essay writer: if you have to depict some issue and make a portrayal or is it asked for you to incorporate your own feelings and sentiments about the particular theme. Here you can find more details between the difference of objective and subjective descriptions.

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Avoid commonly used expressions that are not unique or inventive. Here you can find descriptive essay tips on how to make a essay long without writing useless stuff. More about essay structures you can find from the Writting Center of Harvard College. Descriptive Essay Help 3 Use Your SENSES For majority of authors it is moderately simple to incorporate sight into the portrayal, yet it is also vital to incorporate different senses as descriptive essay helpers with a specific end goal to make the picture more striking: taste, touch, hearing, and smell.

By joining faculties and utilizing memory about the sentiments that these senses raise, you'll make an a great and more powerful depiction. However, being imaginative and descriptive can now and then be a test. Wondering how to start? It should be related to your previous life experience. Your task is to convey your thoughts to your audience and share your emotions by engaging all their five senses — sound, sight, taste, smell, touch. Pick a topic you are interested in. Be creative! If you are not sure what to discuss in your descriptive essay , you can select one of the essay questions from the list we have prepared for you.

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You need to structure your paper in a manner that can help you make sense. How can you do that? Start with creating a strong thesis statement you will support in your descriptive essay.

Then brainstorm your ideas and make a list of sensory details that will support your thesis. Write them in separate columns. You can use a variety of literary tools:. Make your descriptive essay outline.