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Essay/Exposition Final: Against Year-Round Schooling

However without the summer break it allows for schools to make for more frequent, weeklong, breaks throughout the year. Some schools, instead of taking breaks throughout the year, only go to school for three or four days a week to even out the time that summer break had given kids before.

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Having a traditional school year and less school per week will cause kids to have less stress that everyday school brings to them now. The stress level from kids now going through a traditional school year is at an all time high.

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The stress levels of children would drop if there were more frequent breaks throughout the year or if the students only had to go to school for 3 to 4 days a week. The only difference is that it is shorter.

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To make up for this both winter and spring breaks are generally increased. This misconception often trips people up and stops them from considering such a grand educational reform.

Yes it should be year-round because it is such an important part of life.

Throughout the course of this paper I plan on presenting both sides of the argument while hopefully convincing readers that one is superior to the other. Year round schooling has become necessary through this essay I hope to prove it.

Yes, There Should Be Year Round School

Shields, Carolyn M. Year-round Schooling: Promises and Pitfalls.

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Lanham, MD: Scarecrow, I like this topic! The amount of time spent reviewing old material in language courses, math, etc. It is a waste of time.

However, summer jobs, internships, and other experiences are incredibly important. Switching to year round schooling would most definitely impact the economy.


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