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He is someone who inspires us and impacts our life in the most profound way. We usually expect that person to guide us in the right direction and prevent us from deviating from our paths.

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That person, in my life, is my father. My father shares with me a very deep relationship which I consider to be a blessing. He is a very humble, intelligent and kind-hearted man who is loved by all for innumerable reasons. My father is a hardworking man and is the only person in the family who earns money. Despite the financial pressure and stressful profession, he still makes time for everyone in the family.

All the major decisions in the family are taken only after consulting him. Role models are those who have affected us in ways that influence us to be better people. They are people who others imitate, emulate or look to for guidance. There are good role models who inspire greatness in others and bad role models who are bad influences. There are even anti-role models, pegged by the media as "bad girls" or "bad boys" who serve as good examples of what not to do if you want to become a successful.

But society sees it at the age 18 as many responsibilities are brought to light at this age. Role models can influence young boys in good ways and in bad ways. Good role models can help young boys develop positive characteristics and bad role models can help young boys develop negative characteristics.

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In general, good role models help young boys set good goals, develop good values and make good decisions. It is interesting that sometimes, a bad role model can have a positive influence on a young boy. For example, a young boy can observe. Many popular music artists today are looked up to for their songs, style, and personality. A role model has qualities that affect young kids and also adults that can lead to either positive or negative influences.

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This can be somewhat of a dangerous thing considering the role model the people choose. While this can be something innocent, like singing along to songs or dressing with a certain.

The issue of smoking has become one of the most significant and controversial debates in Australia, due its health problem and the effect of the environment atmosphere. Researches and medics worldwide were studying the main causes that makes people smoke and why? Backes, The exposure to such advertisements have caused a detrimental effect on young people, such as the influence of what the perfect body looks like. Today commercials showcase unrealistic versions of the average male and female, causing an increase in eating disorders each year.

Advertisements also influence young people by convincing them that it is okay to drink and that there will be no consequences. Paragraph 2: What is good about it? Paragraph 3: What is bad about it?

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Paragraph 4: Your opinion on the subject. Paragraph 5: Conclusion final answer.

The conclusion summarizes the key points of your essay. A conclusion does not include any new information. Read over the essay and decide what you think the main messages are.

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Write the conclusion so it summarizes the key message of your essay. Asked in Academic Writing, Essays What is a good Conclusion paragraph on how manners have changed over the years? Summarize what you said in the earlier paragraphs and you will have your conclusion. Asked in Paragraph Development How do you write conclusion on a project on map of India?

Restate your thesis sentence.

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Lastly, Finally, In conclusion. Asked in Essays What is a good conclusion about the Vietnam war? A good conclusion is a short summary of whatever YOU have written in your essay or report. We cannot write your conclusion for you because we don't know what you have already written.