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Philosophy of Sport. Issues in the History of Philosophy. Philosophy of Religion. The Cognitive Science of Religion and Morality. The Birth of Reason in Ancient Greece. Political Philosophy of Globalization. Problems in Philosophy of Science.


Prisoner's Dilemma and Distributive Justice. Philosophy and Neuroscience. Human Rights in Theory and Practice. Chinese Philosophy. Feminist Classics. Global Bioethics. The Existentialist Imagination. Marx, Nietzsche, Freud. Special Topics in Philosophy.

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Seminars in Philosophy. Fall Independent Study. Research Independent Study. Philosophy of Mathematics.


Philosophy of Biology. Happiness and Freedom. American Philosophy. Analytic Philosophy in the Twentieth Century. The Philosophy and Methodology of Economics.

Logic and Its Applications. The Scientific Revolution. Classical and Contemporary Political Theory. Science, Ethics, and Society.

Philosophical and Conceptual Problems of Entrepreneurship. Politics, Philosophy, and Economics Capstone.

The Ethics of Privacy on Online Social Networks

Ordinary Language Philosophy. Distinction Seminar Program.

FFS major TJ Sullivan wins Rock Ethics Institute Honors Thesis Award

In general, the prospectus should contain the following elements, which will also serve as a template and starting point for the final written presentation of the project. The course will include: an overview of what it means to do research and other scholarly work, in general and specifically in various disciplines; academic integrity and professional ethics; professional writing; presentation skills; and guidance in development of the individual project prospectus. The Project Prospectus will be the final course product for each student.

Honors Senior Showcase : The Honors Senior Showcase will be held each spring semester fall if necessary to accommodate individual student graduation schedules. Seniors will present their Honors Senior Projects in a public forum and will be honored, together with their mentors, at a reception to which their families will be invited. All USA Honors Students will be required to attend at least the showcase presentations and strongly encouraged to attend the reception in support of their peers.

Project Evaluation : The Dean, the mentor, and two additional faculty members will evaluate projects. Evaluations will be based upon both the public presentation and the written presentation of the project.

A letter grade will be assigned after completion of the project to each incidence of enrollment in "Honors Senior Project". Template for Thesis. Template for Appendix. Skip Left Navigation. Toggle navigation Menu. Together, the student and mentor will select two additional faculty members to provide additional assistance, especially in evaluation of the project results Project Prospectus : No later than the end of the student's junior year, a Project Prospectus, approved by the mentor, must be submitted to the Honors College Dean as the final graded work in HON , Introduction to Senior Project.

For the standard major in philosophy the specific course requirements are:. At least two of the remaining courses must be at the level. No more than three of the required nine courses can be at the level. One course outside these areas at the level or above.

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At least two courses must be at the level. One course outside of these areas at the level or above. At least two of these courses must be at the level. Philosophy Major. Prerequisite: at least one previous course in ethics or political philosophy.