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Cultivation of Bloody diamond has caused violence, military commander, child labor, human rights violation and has hindered the development and progress of African countries. Blood diamonds are illegal trade diamonds that were used to support the war in Africa.

Essay on The Truth About Blood Diamonds

The African community is mining, hoping to find a diamond illegally smuggled to government members. African armed groups dominate the larger territory by directing the discovery and production of diamond mines. These diamonds have begun to spread throughout Africa, causing conflict in various countries. As a result, this makes Synonyms Brad diamond and conflict diamond.

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Blood diamond trading also known as conversion diamonds, conflict diamonds, hot diamonds, war diamonds refers to illegally trimmed diamonds used to resolve conflicts in war-torren regions, especially central and western Africa I will. Diamonds that promote civil war are known as "Blood" or "Conflict" diamonds.

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All Brad Diamonds sold continue to make conflicts due to conflict and will kill hundreds of people hopelessly in many places such as Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast, Angola, Liberia and so on. Reduced mineral revenue for an already heavily indebted country like Sierra Leone is likely to obviate realization of national development projects.

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Efforts to control illicit extraction and smuggling of diamonds in alluvial mining areas in Sierra Leone are hindered by large influx of miners, presence of foreign mining agents, and porous borders Lincoln Moreover, some foreign mining representatives take advantage of this weakness by sponsoring illegal mining, buying, and smuggling of diamonds Lincoln The problem of illegal exploitation of alluvial deposits is largely attributed to activities of artisanal miners and their association with social actors in the mining industry.

Despite the fact that the government of Sierra Leone has made progress in formalizing artisanal mining, illegal exploitation is still a key issue of concern. Though artisanal mining is still widely used in the outskirts of Koidu Town in Kono District, most of it is illegal mining and involves deplorable working conditions Levy According to Lincoln 38 , the government officials in Sierra Leone complained that it was difficult to control and manage the diamond industry and as a result the smuggling of illegal diamonds continued as late as Diamond smuggling in Sierra Leone have undoubtedly contributed to large scale corruption in the Sierra government, and denied the country millions of dollars in foreign exchange income.

Unfortunately, it has promoted political instability within and without the boarders of the West African sub-country Gberie cited in Lincoln Quite a number of observers have warned that diamond trade in Sierra Leone presents a considerable threat to security in the post-conflict time. Great numbers of ex-combatants who continue to return to diamond mining regions in the Eastern Province has exacerbated the situation. Similarly, there remain widespread concerns about socio-economic consequences of this scenario to wider state interests.

Therefore, without major efforts to provide better alternative socio-economic opportunities for socially excluded rural youths, there is a substantial risk that fighting might resume in future TRCV in Sierra Leone Specifically, before the start of this war in , mining played a central role in economic development of Sierra Leone, as it was the major foreign exchange earner for the country, accounting for over 80 per cent of export earnings and 20 per cent of gross domestic product GDP Keen The history of great effort against blood diamonds has involved a number of stakeholders.

On the other hand, social scientists and researchers were doing research and modeling the role of natural endowments in long-standing violent conflicts witnessed in many Sub Saharan Africa countries. The United Nation, governments, NGOs, civil society groups, and the diamond industry recognized need for a global system to prevent blood diamonds from entering lawful global diamond supply chain to fund conflict.

In , the diamond industry, together with governments and civil society, launched the Kimberly Process, a diamond certification scheme that aimed to get rid of blood diamonds from global markets. The process attempted to curb trade in illegal diamonds that has helped to fund rebels and conflicts aimed at overthrowing governments as it did in Sierra Leone Lincoln While the Kimberley Process embodies a significant step in an attempt to control and eradicate trade in blood diamonds, strengthening of the control apparatus is unquestionably required Lincoln Awareness of the illegal trade in precious gems has increased significantly since the onset of the Kimberly process.

It shows the conflict in Sierra Leone and its devastating consequences. In conclusion, the trade in diamond and other gem or precious stones has played significant role in civil conflicts witnessed in many Sub Saharan African countries such as the Democratic Republic of Congo and Sierra Leone. Smuggling and illegal mining of these gems denies these countries revenue. Besides, it has exacerbated poverty levels that are already soaring high.

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Changing these conditions require joint efforts from the government and industry players. Abdullah, Ibrahim.


Between Democarcy and Terror. Keen, David. Levy, Arthur, V.

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